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Re: ??BMW E36?? (no Audi content)

At 3:54 PM -0800 1/15/97, Achille Riviello wrote:
>Sorry, but no Audi content here, but I saw a curious BMW 3 series today.
>All the logos had been removed and it was labelled only "E36" on the back (I
>think it was "E"--my memory had been playing tricks on me lately...).  The
>exhaust had been modified.  Looked to have "lace" 16 inch wheels.  The rear
>lights didn't look stock either.  Anyone know what it might be?

That E36 doesnt mean anything other than the fact that it was made after
92.  E36 stands for the body code, the previous E series was E30, and my
father's 85 735i is E24.  It jsut means that he decided to go technical.
Nothing special.