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Re: Winter Weirdness

I did.  '87 4kq.

did it about 4 years ago.  Tried to drive through (over ?) an unplowed 
road with snow easily above the door sills.  Got about 300' on a 1/3 mile 
road and stuck it really good.

Locks the diffs, tried the old rock the car number, etc.  Finally after 
about 15 minutes of looking really stupid (couple of cops I've known 
forever were sitting lauging through the whole thing) I managed to get it 
back of the the mess.

Last time I ever tried that.

Bill Murin

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Jim & Bev wrote:

> So...No other Q listers will 'fess up to beaching his Quattro on a snow 
> drift.  I know someone else must have done this.  Where are the 
> bravehearts?