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Re: Dry AWD performance

>And if it saves your 6 o'clock
 >just once, well worth it.  Normal dry driving--no diff. When it hits 
>the fan, maybe. I need all the plusses I can get!
I have been following this Q in the dry discussion with a lot of interest,
I reside in sunny side Californy (been raining here for a week almost!) and
agree with you that a Q is defiantly an advantage, worlds of difference
between my 5Kcs and my Q. Look at it this way, if you are going to a war
wouldn't you want the best weapon you can get? a Q is just that! the best
weapon you can get!!!!!
Granted a lot of our esteemed list members could probably outrun the likes
of me with a Yugo, but that still does not take away the extra edge that I
gain by having a Q!!!!
With deep respect to all the valuable opinions on the list (and even for
the ones that are not so valuables, lord knows we get plenty of those
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq with 16 PSI of boost
In former life went to war with the best weapon I could get!!!!! was not
In former life a survivor WI and MN winters