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Re: Can you give me some guidance?

>However, I trust Loctite, so if they're making a Teflon product it's
>probably because the Teflon does something.  So I looked on www.dupont.com
>and one of the products they have are 100% Teflon bicycle drivetrain
>lubricants.  So maybe it can be a dry lubricant.

I've used this on my Look KG 96 Team Replica racing bike (same bike Greg
Lemond won the Tour De France on).  On bikes, the goal is lubrication
without residue that might attract road dirt (usually sprayed by passing
Quattros).  100% Teflon is a dry lubricant that comes in a syringe.  It
works quite well, however most of the racers and serious riders I know use
Tri-Flow.  Tri-Flow has some Teflon in it, but it penetrates quickly and
wipes off easily.  It seems to be the longest lasting lubricantthat has low
drag on a bike chain.  It's far superior to any popular spray lube (read
easy to find).  It's great for Audi door hinges, sun roof tracks, and glove
box hinges.  On my 200q, these hinges creaked and groaned in spite of the
dealer lube during service.  I had to go behind them to solve the problem.
Do we pay these guys fix cars or work on cars?

Sorry, I'm rambling.
Steve Gronback
TGS Studios
91 Audi Quattro
Look KG 96 Team Replica