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UrQ w/o flares?

Hi all,

I need the collective wisdom of the list. Last Saturday I was walking
around an industrial estate on my way to a model car swapmeet. Had to park
some way from the actual venue because model car nuts are 1:1 car nuts too
Anyway, I photographed 2 UrQs (very rare here in Holland, the first UrQs I
saw in more than a year!) and I saw another one drive by. At least, I'm not
sure what it was. It looked like a Coupe GT, but it had the quattro badge
on the grill and q-lettering in the rear defroster. It featured no
aftermarket embellishments, so I thought it wasn't a wannabe. Very clean,
plates said it was an '86. But this car had no UrQ-style skirts, spoilers
and flared wheelarches. It did feature Audi alloys. Apart from the q-cues
it looked like a standard Coupe GT. It was gone before I could get my
camera out.

-What was this car?



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