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Re: Winter Weirdness

> So...No other Q listers will 'fess up to beaching his Quattro on a snow > drift.  I know someone else must have done this.  Where are the > bravehearts?

Yep. The wife hung up my 86 4kq at the end of my driveway after I insisted she
could never get the thing stuck cause I was too lazy to go out and shovel her
a path to the road.  When she walked back into the house and proclaimed she
was stuck I didn't believe it at first but when I saw that she had actually
gone off the side of the driveway and up and over (actually hung up) the snow
bank on the roadside I wasn't suprised. Both rears were off the ground. I thought
I could lock the diffs and get out but couldn't. After digging the damn thing out
I asked her what the **** she was doing on the bank she said, "well you told 
me I could never get the thing stuck so I just wanted to see if you were right".

Later in the same day while testing the limits of the Q myself I again 
went where I probably shouldn't have and two other 4x4's were sitting
there spinning as I went merrily by. I think if i had come to a stop I'd
probably still be sitting there too, but I didn't, and it didn't.


86 4kqcs just turned 200k !