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Re: 97 A4Q Specifications

>3)  Do other A4Q 5 speed owners feel that the gear box is a little notchy? 
>When shifting from 2nd into 3rd between 3,000 and 4,000 rpm it feels like
>I'm hitting a tooth on a gear.  But when shifting above or below this rpm
>it does not happen.

I don't get that feeling between 2nd and 3rd. When I'm going 5-15 mph and I
downshift into 1st I usually notice quite a bit of resistance. My shifter
also makes a knocking sound when going from 1st into 2nd. This is probably
from the fact that the direction I'm pulling the shifter in is not exactly
lined up with the shifter slot. Who knows? All the problems you list may
not be problems, just the result of imperfect engineering. This is to be
expected with any car. All manufacturers have their quirks that bother
enthusiasts. I know that I am so happy with my 97 A4Q that I too pick out
nitty gritty things to complain about.

>4)  When the engine is cold and I shift at 3,500 rpm from 3rd into 4th,
>sometimes I get a little bit of jitter or stutter when leaving the clutch
>out in 4th then accelerating at 1/2 throttle (this has to be done somewhat
>quick in order for the jitter to appear).  It almost feels like the clutch
>is slipping just a little bit. 

This has been explained in the archives, titled, "A4 driveline shudder." My
car actually does not do this but I've read that many 96 A4 owners have
experienced this.

By the way, do your brakes squeak. That's my biggest pet peeve...

'97 A4Q