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Fogs w/o Headlights... Easy

Hi All,

There has been so much on euro lamps and what a hinderence they are
inthe fog.

Well, it looks like with the 80/90/Coupe Q all you have to do is pull
out the fog lamp relay and bypass the contacts (30 to 87).  I made up a
2" piece of wire with male spade lugs on each end and stuck it in the
appropriate slots.

Yippy !  Now my fogs come on when ever the ignition is on and the fog
switch is depressed (well it could be feeling fine as long as it is in
the ON position).

It seems that the fog lamp relay is only used to send power to the fog
lamp switch when the low beams are on.  All power for the fogs goes
through the dash switch (saved another relay, cheap ....) anyways.

Of course all of the usual disclaimers !!!

Have fun,

bob in Minn (more snow, yea !!)

'91 cq