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Re: How dry I am... (aka AWD perform

AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
> ...just wanted to clarify things ... old technical editors don't
> retire, they just move on to pick nits somewhere else!

Well, despite never having lice (the nit is a immature louse), I have 
developed a knack for picking nits myself, so if you'll allow me:

> ...A quattro won't go around a corner...quicker than the same car with 
> just FWD...little difference...during that brief bit in the middle

OK, I agree with that, but the question is, is that the definition
of cornering. I would say no.

> ...Yes, you can brake late and enter the corner a bit faster then 
> get on the power earlier and leave a bit harder...

Let's say you were going around a closed road track, and a quattro
was EXACTLY matched to a 2wd car in the straights.

Even if there was no difference during that brief bit in the middle,
since you could brake later, and put the power down sooner the quattro 
would be faster around the loop, and since it was exactly matched on the 
straights, then "..the quattro CORNERED faster.." QED

OK, OK enough of this semantic nonsense, all in fun :-)