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Re: Making Audi A Player

In a note dated 1/15/97 Jeff Wasilko asks:

>I realize that Audi and VW are closely tied at the corporate level these
days, but >just exactly what is the relationship?

VW owns Audi and has for (how?) many years. Ferdinand Peich used to be in
charge of Audi until his recent promotion (?) to head of VW. My understanding
is that he is the only Engineer who also runs a car company (a big one too!).
To his credit is the quattro system and prior to that he was with Porsche
(his grandfather's company) doing 911 racing development.

>How does Porsche fit in to the picture (or don't they)?

By the family (Porsche/Peich) ties there is a relationship. Herr Peich sits
on the Porsche board as a family shareholder. In reality, if I am correct,
Porsche's largest engineering customer is actualy MBZ, though they perform
engineering work for many customers including Audi (RS2). Most of the water
cooled Porsches were actualy built by Audi in the same plant as early
quattros (at least that is my understanding...). There is a close tie
IMHO...though it seems that there are quattro fans on this list who don't
much care for Porsche for whatever reasons. Were it not for my love of
Porsches, I never would have become so fond of q's (and I haven't owned a
P-car since 1990 but will never be q-less ever again!!!). I have always felt
that the 4 door quattros are the closest thing to what a 4 door Porsche would
be if they were to build such a thing. Lastly, let's not forget that Porsche
is not THE LAST indepently owned car company that builds sports cars
exclusivly left in the world...but there are close family ties to VW/Audi and
close engineering customer ties to MBZ. Can we tell I'm getting excited about
this year's Montery Historics yet???

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq