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Re: Synthetic Oil & Stuff

A friend of mine works at Menard's.  On Feb 1 last year, it got down to 
-39 below.  While he was at work it was dead so he decided to try a 
little experiment.  He took two bottles of motor oil, one Mobil 5W-30 and 
one Mobil 1 5W-30 and stuck them outside.  Two hours later he brought 
them inside.  Mobil 1 poured slowly.  Mobil was SLUSH, it didn't pour.  
He's run Mobil 1 ever since.  True story.

Addition tidbit, Christmas day, I got up at 10 to go to the grandparents 
house 50 miles away.  20 below out, Audi started after 3-4 seconds of 
cranking as always.  Not in a garage, or plugged in.  Took off to 
grandmas, half way there, roads are clear, no one around, I canned it. 
Drove 100+ mph for about 5 minutes, hit 120 at one point.  Had to slow 
down at that point because the windows were frosting up and the defroster 
couldn't keep up.  I run Mobil 1, 5W-30.  
	'86 5KCSTQ