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Re: Cheap filters....CR

>Yes they are right and BTW running a taxi is about the toughest thing you
>can do to a car, I will bet with you that your Q will have a really hard
>time as a taxi.

Hmmm. Taxis run all day everyday at or very near to the normal operating
temp this is far less stressful on the oil (& engine in general) than the
little old lady  who only uses the car to drive a couple of miles to the
shop & home, whose oil never reaches normal temp. Over here, they use
typical family sedans as taxis, you or I would be lucky to get 150k without
some sort of major engine rebuild, a friend how runs taxis gets upset if he
has a problem short of 1,000,000k

 BTW many taxis in Europe are MB because not too many cars
>can stand to the extreme demand of taxis (needless to say the drivers)!!!!

Not to mention that MB has a scheme where taxi drivers buy v.cheap cars


John Firkins