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Credibility II

Forgive me for my trespasses here I as work to forgive one who has trespassed
upon me...

Eric Fletcher, aka. STEADIRIC@aol.com, I have spent over a month culminating
this note, and decided, based on infinite review of your private posts, that
you leave me little choice but this forum to reach a closure.  You had
promised me your "custom" made spring perch spacers, verbally once (tues,
12-10), and e-mail once from YOU (wed, 12-11), further committing to the
"deal" of sending me these parts at an agreed upon price and overnight
delivery (for MY hot customer)....  I have documented AT LEAST 17 requests
(VOX, pager, home, posts) asking for status on the parts.....  AT 17>, my
posts were no longer pleasant...  You have decided that, despite your
business agreement with me, to sell the parts with "total steadiric kits",
and not notify me of that decision until responding to my #17 nastygram of
1/4/97, the 1 month anniversary of your promise of delivery....  

Since that time, as a business man, and to give you every benefit of the
doubt, I have privately looked to you for answers to the "why", an apology,
an action; closure....  It is now 6 weeks past the agreed deal, and from you,
I have recieved excuses and blunt justifications....  As a Sales Manager, I
don't accept "deals" like this turned out to be, internet or extranet....
 Without spamming details (and I have them all), I now ask for a written
apology for the action (and lack thereof) you took....  And I expect my wife,
Carole, to be included as well, for reasons already privately posted.....   

As promised, I will continue to pursue this in an objective, though
tenacious, business manner....  Your (and I quote -sp included) "simple
bussiness" decision was wrong, and to not even offer any compromise, a later
delivery, an apology, any action, is not acceptable....  I have documented
all the details with the intention of a "black flag" on the "i-quattro"
vendor list....  Since I have, by your default, resolved the need for the
parts, I only see a private written apology as closure to this "deal" gone
sour....  Upon receipt, I will reconsider my "flag" action....  I urge you to
resolve this at once....  Your response, as have all your others on this
issue, will be held in confidence, notification of closure to coimbra, my
final action.

Disappointed at the need; I offer, 
my sincere apologies to Coimbra for the bandwidth

Scott Justusson