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93 V8/86 5KcsTQ in Cleveland

Sunnyside Honda offers a 93 V8 Audi for $29,995. They are at 7700 Pearl Rd.,
at the I-71 intersection.
Phone is 216-243-5577

Its just an ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I know nothing about the car
or the dealership. But I am aware
of the high interest in the big cars. 

Also, in the same paper a private party offers an 86 5KcsTQ for
$3,500/offer. Claims to be well maintained
and extra clean.  216-806-7344.

Almost called myself, but am wary of the 86 model year, since it was  the
first year for this body style,
and they have an unusually high incidence of annoying and expensive problems
with things like steering
racks, sun roofs, window lifts and cabin controls, perhaps because it was a
new model. But the owner has had
ten years to fix all that stuff, and even a slow-to-repair owner should have
gotten around to doing most
of the stuff by now.

We are staying by the fireside around here, with 90 below zero wind chills
and frequent white-outs. Not a good
time to crawl around under used cars.

86 4KcsQ