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Re: AWD performance

 Scott writes
<< Ok with me tho, I might argue that in order for you to enjoy all that exit
 speed, you better have the brake equation addressed.....  An M3 for instance
 can enter faster-brake later, by definition, improved cornering, and since
 is 50/50, by definition can take the "correct" line vs the q line, improving
 cornering....  >>>>So, in racing form, the quattro has the advantage on the
 but that really is all out racing form....  >>>>>Given<<<< the mediocre
brakes, and
 not so hot weight balance, and the torsen, the advantage on the track/street
 might be less than one might assume, Jeff's point entirely..... <snip>

>>>>Eric writes:  The advantage though ONLY Comes when you put the power
down....... BTW 
Scott's point about HP is Moot. Givin Equal weight HP brakes and Weight 
Distrubution,  the AWD will ALWAYS Exit faster, Physic's is Physic's, 
>>>>>  Seems the same argument, you must have missed this one, Eric.....<<<<<
 The question
 really becomes, at what hp is the q at the advantage.....  My own evaluation
 is somewhere in the high 200hp range and above, minimum....  Below that, the
 advantage is not to the q...  To do a q justice, brakes need to be addressed
 to take advantage of your faster exit speed being a faster cornering speed
 rwd, glenn...  
All wheel drive can distrubuite traction EQUALLY To all four wheels.
>>>>  It CAN, the question is in a street car, does it in a turn?  Given

Don't agree with the "moot" statement, Physics is Physics, given your
"equals", nary a racer who defies or argues physics, for long....  Real world
would dictate those "givens" might be high on the reality for any street
q....  Given the UNequal weight, Weight distribution, HP, brakes, and (you
forgot) diffs, you need some serious HP advantage to get a faster turn out of
a q.  Given the awesomeness of the M3 brakes at a measely 240hp and 50/50
weight of 3100#, hardly a q that tackles that at anywhere close to the hp....
 In all fairness, Eric, you prolly have 400 posts since you went to mexico...
 You will find little exception to your perspective here.....