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Re: AWD performance

>Don't agree with the "moot" statement, Physics is Physics, given your 
>"equals", nary a racer who defies or argues physics, for long....  Real 
>world would dictate those "givens" might be high on the reality for any 
>street q....  Given the UNequal weight, Weight distribution, HP, brakes, 
>and (you forgot) diffs, you need some serious HP advantage to get a faster 
>turn out of a q.  Given the awesomeness of the M3 brakes at a measely 
>240hp and 50/50 weight of 3100#, hardly a q that tackles that at anywhere 
>close to the hp....  In all fairness, Eric, you prolly have 400 posts 
>since you went to mexico...  You will find little exception to your 
>perspective here.....

Already read all 700 post....  The question was is AWD "Better and can I 
feel it in the dry" Not at what HP the Diff is felt. Again All things 
being equal AWD Will ALWAYS Exit faster.  Once again I was paid to race 


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO