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Re: removing taillight (tracing battery drain)

Thanks for your input,

I looked at the wires and they look really good, I would have never
suspected. I'll try to disconnect the harness. BTW, wear is it? Do you mean
unplug the light itself? or is their a connector prior to entering the
trunk lid.

Mike Benno 90q20v

> From: Steve Manning <stephenm@ix.netcom.com>
> I agree w/Andrew Duane's idea - I'd never heard of the 90Qs having the
> chafing problem on the trunk lid wire harnesses until I traced a battery
> drain to it on mine last weekend...it was the harness on the driver's
> of the trunk.  It would turn the trunk light on partially (about 10
> It was right where the wire bent when you closed the trunk.  It was a
> to find.  Disconnect the harness in the trunk and see if that eliminates
> your drain, and then you have to go find which circuit is grounding.

> >I don't know that 90Qs are prone to this (I can take a look at mine),
> >but many of the 5000/100/200 cars tend to chafe one of the wiring
> >harnesses that goes into the trunk. This causes intermittent shorts,
> >weird lights going on (like one taillight lighting up when you hit
> >reverse), and battery drains.
> >
> >Take a look at all the wires going along the trunk hinge....