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A4 1.8T mods & I'm back

Hey all!

	After a semester in Washington, D.C... I'm back!  I'm sure that 
you are all not as excited as I am, but oh well...

	My 87 5000cs quattro is running like it have never run before.  
As many of you know, I have Charlie's Spring and am now getting in excess 
of 15 psi in all five gears.  WEE!!  (Scott, thanks for the advice this 
summer, it was through one of you suggestions that I discovered why I 
could only get 12psi).  Did I hear a rumor that Ned had advised running a 
richer mixture (or something) with Charlie's spring?  

	Also, I have been looking into the 1.8t A4.  (Scott, still not 
sure what I'm going to do, ie. RS2 on 5000 or new A4).  What are the mods 
(read: legal) that are out there for the 1.8 turbo?  I am looking for HP, 
pricing, and how good the mod is expected to be.  I now TAP has a lot to 
offer for the 1.8, but I am scared for ruining a brand new A4.


	Andrew Shea

P.S.- Dan,
	How did you like the pictures?