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Re: 97 A4Q Specifications

Hairy green toads from Mars made Dan Masi say:

> On Jan 16,  7:17pm, Meron wrote:
> > Subject: Re: 97 A4Q Specifications
> > >'m a bit scared when it gets to 220 degrees F.
> > 220F is fine, you don't have nothing to worry about, 240, 260
> > is also OK with the oils of today it is no big...
> Absolutely.  You should be scared if your oil never gets
> up to 220F!  It needs to be at least that hot for prolonged
> periods once in a while, to get rid of moisture.

It's hard to read the guage (they calibrate it so the useful range
is way down at the bottom), but my '89 100Q never seems to get past
about 90C (194F), and certainly never to 120C (248F). Is my guage busted.
It never really occured to me that this was a problem, just that the
guage is designed stupidly.


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