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Re: Small question??

John Seitz writes:
> This may sound dumb but...  Does the cold start injector work only when 
> starting and at high rpm??  My 86 4kq starts ok when cold but will 
> stumble at idel and when accelerating when cold till about 3000rpm?????

The cold start injector is activated only during starting, and only
when it's cold (controlled by the thermo time switch).  On some cars
there is also a hot start pulse relay that would pulse the cold start
injector during hot starts (to mitigate the effects of vapor lock
and reduced fuel pressure).  The cold start injector is not used at
any other time (and shouldn't be, because of uneven fuel delivery to
the cylinders).

If you have cold idle problems, check the auxiliary air regulator,
control pressure regulator (aka warm-up regulator, if equipped)
and basic CO.

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