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Audi Model Cars (Small, but not toys)

	I'm relatively new to the list, so I apologize if you've heard it all
	I collect 1:87 scale automobile models. They are HO scale for you who know
model trains. That is actually why they are made. Model railroading
incidentally is huge in Germany so the selection of German and European
cars is amazing, while US cars is lacking...fine by me.
	Anyway these cars are small, smaller than matchbox cars. They are made of
plastic and  incredibly detailed. Unlike a matchbox cars, they are
outfitted with their real wheels, and you can even buy accessory wheels,
but there is not much of a selection there. Several companies make these,
including Herpa, Wiking, Reitzle and others. They can be found at auto
shows, but a better selection I have found can be located in Toy Train
	Audis in my collection include 100/5000 mark I avant, mark II avant, mark
II sedan, 100/A6 sedan, V8, ur quattro, 90 coupe quattro, S2 coupe (with
fuba antenna that has not broken off yet), mark II 90 sedan. 90 Cabriolet
and Ur Quattro rally car. I have on back order....there is no great
distributor, an A4 1.8T sedan, A8 and A6 avant with bike rack and bikes on
roof and biking team logos. Other Audis I know they make are early Super
Touring Audi V8 race cars. There is a huge selection of VWs, Porsches,
BMWs, and some Ferraris and Lambos. I bought a shelf that was a printer's
drawer to display them, and they take up little space on the wall. If you
guys are interested, check a model train store near you, or look very
carefully at a show.
	Also, a buddy of mine gave me an Avus made by MAtchbox for christmas.