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Re: Just like home

> 	I count both you guys as friends but, seriously, work this shit 
> out someplace else.
> 	My 2 bits---Bruce
... since we're chipping in ...

I'm sorry Bruce, but I don't agree with you here ... I'm sure that neither of
us has all of the details, but I must say that from what Scott has stated 
he did try working this out someplace else and it wasn't happening ... I have
to admit when I saw this and thought about Scott M's comment in his sig I 
was wondering what the scoop was.  I would certainly think twice about doing 
business with anyone if I wasn't sure about what kind of service they were 
providing ... and I appreciate knowing about situations where people aren't 
being well served ...

Frankly, IMHO this type of traffic is more in line with the quattro list 
than many of the other threads that seem to come up here.  I would even say 
that the post to which I am responding probably should have been brought up
directly with the parties involved ...

I hope that they are able to work it out ... I know I would appreciate it 
if the resolution is posted to the list ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)