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Re: Cold air from heater

Luis Marques wrote:
> > From: "J. Smethers" <smethers@fast.net>
> > My 4KCSQ is having some heater problems.  I've had the car about one
> > month now and the heat has always been a little anemic.  Now it's
> > getting much colder in the east, and I want to fix it.  A new heater
> > core is cheap, but what's involved it getting to it.  I'm Bentley-less
> > for a little  while longer, but my feet are freezing.  Any help would
> > be appreciated.
> Are you leaving the center vent open?  It doesn't blow hot air, but
> fresh air from the outside.  The heater in these cars generally work
> like a charm - toasty warm.  Other than that, I would check to see if
> anyone has by-passed the heater core in the engine compartment, or check
> if the cable that operates the heater valve is actually opening it.  If
> not, you can most likely open it manually right there in the valve.
> BTW, the heater valve is in-line in one of the heater hoses between the
> firewall and the engine.
> Luis Marques
> '87 4kq

I caught this one late, bear with me...
Recently the heater in my 85 4kq was blowing cold air regardless of the 
position of the lever in the dash. I checked under the hood and the cable 
was indeed moving the lever on the valve. Turns out that the lever had 
broken off inside the valve, with the valve in the off position. 
It was a quick fix.

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