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Re: Windshield stuff

I don't know why I'm getting into this, but it's obvious that Jeff,
among others who worry about value for product received aren't
particularly sharp on business and what it costs to sell spring water or
methanol. Here are a few of the items involved:

1 - Bottles
2 - Labels for the bottles
3 - Legal aspects of selling something that's ingestible or not.
	a. lawyers
	b. dealing with government agencies
	c. insurance
4 - Shipping
	a. trucks
	b. drivers
	c. unions	
	d. signs on the trucks
	e. parking and maintaining the trucks (tires? fuel?)
	f. truck etcetera
5 - Sales
	a. advertising
	b. sales staff
6 - And so on

Consider that if some liquid's base cost is one cent a gallon, how much
of it has to be sold to make any profit at all.

Need I say more?

I just had my washer fluid renewed with the Prestone de-icing stuff at
$5.45 a gallon and then, driving 100 miles through slush, sleet and snow
on the L.I.E., I felt great about every shot I gave my windshield. Cheap
at twice the price.