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Re: AWD performance

Geez, talk about a discussion!  How about this for a test:
Take an '85-'86 stock Coupe GT and an '85 -'86 stock 4000Q on the track,
same tires, etc.  You can add some weight to the GT to bring it to the
same amount as the 4000 quattro.

Now, clock the same driver in both cars around a track, in the dry.
If AWD gives a significant performance advantage, the 4000q should have
consistently better lap times, no?

This isn't a totally accurate comparison, as the two cars have different
rear suspensions, but it is probably as close as we can get.  If the 4000q
does get better lap times, I would say that AWD corners better (since
the cars have nearly identical hp ratings).

'85 Coupe GT
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