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So what's good about FWD?

Since all the racers are delurked this might be a good time to ask this.

I can understand the advantages of RWD over AWD -- predictability,
low weight, low cost, less complexity (= more reliability, quicker
to market).  And I can understand the advantages of AWD over RWD when
you have more horsepower than traction.

But I cannot figure out why anyone would build a FWD car.  You get the
design constraints of a wheel with both steering and engine attached to
it, along with all the disadvantages of 2WD, and you also get weight
transfer to work against you.  There must be some reason everyone is
making FWD cars.

About the only advantage I've heard is that FWD cars are better than
RWD in a low-traction environment and the only reason I can think of
for that is that FWD cars always have nose-heavy weight distributions.
Even if you want a weight balance other than 50-50 (and it doesn't seem
to me that you would), wouldn't a rear-engine rear-drive car be the way
to go?  Why aren't Camrys built like that?

I just don't see any advantage to having a front-engine front-drive car,
*no matter what* your priorities are.  But most cars on the road are
built like that.  Including non-Quattro Audis.  What am I missing?