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Ham radio question

I have a '88 5K (not Q or T) and recently installed a 2meter

I am using a through glass antenna on the rear window.  I am getting 12
volts right from the jumper cable stud up front.  I run only 3 watts
(low power).

2 problems exist.  

One is that with the ignition switch power on I get a high RF noise
level.  This is even without the engine running.  I hear a motor like
sound even with the heater/AC off.  Is that the fuel pump?  Are there
other motors under the dash (I would beleive that this thing has a fan
on the computers - overkill engineering is the rule)?

Anyway - whatever it is generates RF noise.  Engine on makes no
difference - same S3 level on radio.  This might explain the poor FM
reception on the stock radio too.  BTW any source of replacement radio
knobs that last longer than 2 months?

Second problem is even more fun.  Only on left directional signal, when
I transmit the flash rate increases by about a factor of two - like
having a dead bulb on a "regular" car.  Note that the right signal is
NOT affected!  Are the flashers controlled by a computer?

I would also like to hear from other hams on antenna location.  I am not
against drilling holes, but I didn't find a suitable location.

Ron (N4AJT)