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Re: Cibie USA

In a message dated 97-01-18 12:58:26 EST, you write:

<< >So do we have a source yet for Cibie 5 1/4" reflectors?  Please please
 >>>>>  That's 5 3/4 btw....

Eric Writes:   Cibie is no longer in the US or Canada they were bought out by
Eric is mostly right...  I have the cibie catalog in my hand  from a vendor
(1 of 2 found) that stocks and represents them right here in the US.  Yes
they are available here without the Demon Tweeks importing.   A quick look in
your last AW magazine can get you the number of one.  He carries both Hella
and Cibie, and I found him to be most helpful.  Eric is referring, I believe,
to the Cibie Corporate and dealer network that once flourished here.  He is
correct that no longer exists.  But, remember, the replacement bulbs can be
purchased at many auto parts sources.