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Re: visionaries

In a message dated 97-01-18 15:27:42 EST, you write:

<< >and they now have 130/100 watt outers with stock inners.  I don't have 
 >I have been reading continuously from all of you "high wattage fans" and do
 >not yet understand this infatuation with high watt bulbs, the effectiveness
 >of the light in much more connected to the >SHAPE< of the prism and it's
 >>LOCATIO< than it is to high wattage, you are not improving the light (by
 >much), you are mostly causing discomfort to other drivers on the road
 >(using those ungodly powerful bulbs!!!!!), regardless of how well you
 >lights are aimed!!!!!!!!!!!
 >Why not just do a sid >>
Phil and Erics comments aside, the above post is CORRECT in it's argument...
 The effectiveness of a light is much more connected to the shape of the
reflector and the lense, not the wattage....  I would expect more comparos
from either of the two running them than what was posted....  Common argument
is what is posted above, uncommon argument is Phil and Eric....  Data?  The
list can help you establish your comparo.....

Squinting kinda askance at the watts thing, arms akimbo