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Re: Tire Wear (Now alignment)

William Murin wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Dan Simoes wrote:
> > > > Alignment for a Q is ~60 -100 $ (that is US dollars)
> >
> > My independent gets about $120 (~2 hrs).  The dealer quoted
> > me over $200 for a 4 wheel alignment, says it's because
> > the rears are so hard to do - front only, $79.
> My 87 4kq had some rear suspension components changed last Summer.  I was
> told that it then needed a 4 wheel alignment.
> Local tire shop did it.  I think the charge was $75(US $$$).
> Bill Murin

Speaking of cost of 4 wheel alignment.....I get mine done here in Dublin
for IRP35, that's about 50USD. They seem to know what they're doing but
maybe someone can answer this.....On the measuring heads that are fitted
to each wheel during alignment, there are spirit levels.....how
important is it that these 'heads' are set level? I still have a
'wander' when driving, and as road surface detioriates the wander
increases. Maybe 'wander' is the wrong term here.....as I drive over ANY
road imperfection, even the road markings, the car will change direction
without moving the steering wheel. This means constant attention to
steering and leads to a very tiring drive. Could this be caused by
subframe bushes? Over the past year I've replaced all 4 shocks and
top-mounts, all wishbone bushes and fitted new Pirelli P700's all round.
The car in question is an April 1985 ur-q.

Any help appreciated,

George Harrison
County Kildare,

'85 ur-q
'86 80 Sport