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Re: 4kq rear propeller shaft

> Mason Bender <mbender@freenet.columbus.oh.us> wrote:
> Dear Quattrophiles-
> I know many people have met with the demise of the center bearing in 
> the propeller shaft to the rear diff.
> Could someone please take a moment and describe the symptoms of the 
> failure?
> I think I am probably at the begining stages of this, however I am not
> sure.  Currently my 4kq (126k) whines from the middle of the car.  The
> sound is especially noticable inside the car (barely noticable 
> outside). The whine is only audible in cold weather, and is vehicle 
> speed dependant.
> TIA for any info,
> Mason B

I have experienced the same thing these last couple of freezing days in
Texas.  I hear a grumbling/whining sound from the center tunel area
which is strictly speed related, mostly in very low speeds (<10 mph)
when coming to a stop or starting from a stop.  I hadn't heard the sound
in warmer weather and the sound goes away after driving for a while. 
The car is also a 4kq and has about 135k mi. on the clock.  Is my center
bearing on the way out?  Please tell me this is not the case.

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq