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FS: '91 90 20V Q

  Hello everyone,

             Well just out of curiosity I went to this car lot and drove the 
above mentioned car because it looked so good. It's bright red with 
tinted windows and has the Speedline rims which were in very good 
shape. 93.5K mi, tan leather in good condition, new: clutch, brakes 
and rotors, full tuneup(plugs, wires,dist, rotor, and new timing 
belt) I saw all the paperwork on this-over $2000 for everything. Car 
drove really well, nice power for a nat.asp. 20V.  tracked straight, 
 no clunks while turning, shifted great, no evidence of overspray 
from what I could tell. Paint really looks nice. The guy has it on 
consignment down at the car lot b/c he was recently transferred to 
Texas so he says no need for quattro. Yeah right! Anyway, asking 
price was $10,200.
        I've no affilitaion with any of the parties involved 
whatsoever. Just thought I'd post it in case anyone's looking for
such a car. The guys name is Duane(not the owner of the car, I don't 
know his name) # is (719) 576-0500   or try (719) 633-4807 ask for 
              Good luck,
Chad  Clark 
Colo. Spgs., CO