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Re: Ur-quattro question.

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>>The question that's in my mind is at what exact point did Audi 
>>start putting the fuse box under the hood i.e is there any '83 cars 
>>with such set-up.  Has anyone done a conversion and is it hard i.e. 
>>wire by wire procedure?

>Audi started putting the fuse box under the hood in '84.  

Beg to differ (unless we're only talking 4's/coupes here), have/had 80 5k,81
5k, 83 5kt all with fuse box under hood.  Much better than behind the dash
IMO.  You can get to both sides to work on it if necessary, and jumping the
starter relay is a cinch!  Just say no to knees in the snow...
Huw Powell

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