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Re: Audi introduces the new coupe

><< The new coupe, based on the A3, will be introduced in the auto show later
> this year. It looks VERY small -- the car, wheels, and everything. >>

>Gee, and I thought the A3 based Coupe was going to be the TT.  Are you
>talking about another A3 based Coupe?

No, it's not TT. It looks like a convertible -- looks exactly like the
current 3-door hatchback A3 with top chopped off -- will be shown off
first. And rumor sayz the coupe will immediately follow soon.

I don't think this will not replace the "traditional" Audi coupes since
the only "AWD" is going to be VW's Synchro. I imagine it's more like a
Miata than anything else.

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