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Re: Windshield stuff, gas?

Lighten up Bernie,
Try to take life a bit easier, your comments were "way too heavy" if you
have a difficulty with a bit a humor thats too bad!!!!!
Half your comments don't deserve an answer because you went too far!!! the
other ones I will be happy to comment on, please don't get too excited,
will you please LIGHTEN UP!!!!!!
Now lets go to your sensible comments
Comment # 1:
>My qualifications to comment are
>that in September, I installed the single-bulb "euro" type lights in my 87
>4kq, replacing the stock US spec housings and bulbs.  I upgraded the
>installed relays, and put in  80/100w H4 bulbs.  The differences before
>after are *quite* noticeable.
Congratulation, I believe you, I am not there to judge it, all I am telling
you is to try a 55/60 watt bulb, try it side by side and you might discover
that >extra wattage does not equate more light< that is my point!!!!!!  
Comment # 2:
>The upgraded wiring allows (nearly) all of the voltage to reach the
>bulbs.  When I cut into the stock harness, I was rather shocked to
>the gauge of the wire, to be generous, *might* be 20 ga.  Mine is now 10
  >3)  The color, and covering power of the light is significantly
>I attribute this to a >50% increase in the wattage (and thus candlepower
>output) of the bulbs.
Totally irrelevant to my point, if you comment on my post, restrict
yourself to the subject.
Comment # 3:
>Mr. Meron is internally inconsistent with his statement above.  He first
>states that the difference is in light beam control,
when I refer to light beam control, I mean the design and the shape of the
prism, you just don't stick a higher watt bulb and think that because you
have increased wattage you have a better light, prisms are designed to
accommodate a specific bulb size, admittedly some times if the bulb (to
begin with) is under size you might get a small improvement, but most of
the time (with very few exceptions) IT IS NOT THE CASE!  
Comment # 4:
>then says that
>additional wattage only blinds other drivers.  If the beam is controlled,
>and the wattage is increased, the pattern on the road will become brighter
Bernie, Bernie, what am I going to do with you......... do you always drive
around with the same amount of fuel, do you ever carry anything in your Q?
do you ever have any passengers? did you aim your lights the PROPER way, do
you ever go over speed bumps and on, and on, every time one of the factors
above is not in optimum condition you are sticking your high power beam in
the face of other drivers!!!!!!! that is not nice Bernie, if you will check
and see, may be you will blind the other drivers with only 55/60 watt?
Comment # 4:
>The _location_ of where all this light goes is affected
>by the geometryfluting, and aim of the headlight units.
Very good Bernie, I agree 100%
Comment # 5:
>I don't buy your martyred attitude with this.
One of your comments Brnie that absolutely does not warrant an answer,
please see beginning of post.
Comment # 6:
>BTW, there is nothing in
>this post intended as a flame, merely reasoned discussion, or commentary 
Bernie listen to your post, read what you write!!!!!!! yes it was a flame
and a bad one at that!!!!!! you must be the type of person that shoot
somebody in the heart and than asks "I hope this did not hurt"  "I did not
mean to kill you" merely have a discussion with you!!!!
This end this discussion, behave yourself Bernie or I will have to end my
post with love to everybody excluding Bernie!!
Still love everybody INCLUDING Bernie (that has not  been very nice to me
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq 
with lousy headlights and awesome auxiliary lights,
with many high wattage bulbs  from past use  (many $ spent on very spendy