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[Real] Euros in the rain

Once again the hoary old "but you _will_ blind oncoming drivers in the rain" 
has come up, not just on the list but also in private email.  This is not 
intended as a direct riposte to any individual.
Think about it for a second.  I live in the UK.  It rains, in winter, three 
days out of four.  It's dark, at present, from shortly after 16:30 and it's 
only just light right now at 09:00.  The vast bulk of my winter driving is done 
at night and on wet roads.

And, I repeat [for about the tenth time] that I don't get flashed by oncoming 
traffic.  The main reason is the very sharp right cutoff in the right-hand 
headlight - very, very little light hits the oncoming carriageway.

I'm just a little peeved that someone would think me _that_ inconsiderate to 
others.  I just went out and spent GBP30 to replace all of the adjuster screws 
in my headlights so I can set them accurately with ease whenever I replace a 
bulb - is that the mark of someone who's inconsiderate?  Anyone else done that?
And, to correct another misapprehension - the 170/100 watt bulbs are _exactly_ 
the same optically as the 65/55 bulbs, apart from the larger filaments.  
There's no bulb/reflector mismatch. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club