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Re: FS: Alloy wheels & Nokia NRW Snow tires for Audi

At 01:52 AM 1/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Are they factory Audi wheels or are they aftermarket... Can you describe them
>or E-mail a picture??

Factory Audi wheels, from late 70's - early 80's 5000. Very flat with a
slot around the outer edge. Flat plastic hub cover with the logo. 

I bought these wheels specifically as they don't trap snow. 

NRW's are the best (IMHO) compromise tire for both highway and the slick
stuff. I keep Haka 10's on the Jetta, but they would drive me nuts for
highway use.

I am selling them ONLY because they won't fit an A4Q! These wheels have
been on my last 4 Audis! (5000, 5000, 4000q, 90Q20v)

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