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Re: Reality

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:
>  So I would tend to ask, please do list off
> what it takes to add/remove variables?
> Not to flame, just to get enlightened, I assure you....
> Scott
Here is what it would take. 

If I were designing an experiment to test whether, in identically
prepared cars, AWD is an advantage for the performance of a car in dry
conditions, first thing is to get either one car with AWD, or two or
more of the same car that there are no difference between(except for
colors of course, unless it is one of those special multilayer paint
jobs like pearl, because of weight of course :^) ).  Also this could be
applied to several makes/models since the data gathered from testing
only one type of car would still be meaningless.  Not being a mechanic,
I can hypothesize the the removal of drive from the front wheels, by
halfshaft removal or something, would create two cars with virtually
identical characteristics except for RWD v. AWD.  One might be
interested enought to also make a car FWD for a complete comparo.  You
could not use a FWD version of the car due to the weight difference
between the cars.  Almost forgot, before modifying the cars, performance
tests would need to be run to confirm that the cars are equal, we know
that sometimes one car is stronger than another of the same type.  Once
this is done and the modifications are made, further performance tests
would be performed, and the data compared.  The data would be compared
to that cars pre-modified test results as well as to the other modified
cars test results, with the AWD car as the control of the study.  That
would show any changes in the testing environment(track) that had
changed between tests.  Then apply this to several makes/models  running
the HP range from low to high or by car class sport/luxury etc.  Is this
test feasible?  Not really$$$$.  Is it possible? Yes.  This would be THE
ONLY WAY to make any valid scientific comparison about the performance
benefits of AWD v RWD/FWD.

I hope this enlightens you.


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri