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1990 Coupe Quattro needs a new home

Selling the Coupe Quattro!!  My Boxster's deliver date is March 1- it's
final.  I lost all the addresses of people who had requested info and final
sale dates since I upgraded to AOL 3.0.  Sorry!  Here she is:

1990 Coupe Quattro, Pearl White with black leather
62K miles, documented.
Cosmetics:  Interior is flawless.  Exterior has 1 door ding and 2 scrathes
     which Mr. Detail says will come out. 
Speedlines, Z rated RE71's with about 1300 miles on 'em.
H&R springs  (Original springs and shocks still here).
K&N filter charger
Custom stereo, looks stock, no holes drilled.  Original available.
Still under extended warranty until Oct. 1997!  Transferable.
Totally babied- Castrol Synthetic only, incredible service records. I spent
$$ on her.
What it needs:  A turbo.

What's she worth?  Got stopped by a guy last week in the street (he was on
his cell phone hung up abrublty when he saw me) who wants to buy it for his
wife.  Of course, it was raining and he was probably jealous...

Saam Gabbay
SaamG@aol.com (now 3.0!)
Work number (for interested folks only.  Don't abuse me!)  310-392-3113
I am in Los Angeles and can sell the car after February 20.

Thanks to all. Forgive multiple postings of this note.