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Re: Deamon Tweaks & Double lights

Used PIAA Pro-90's with upgraded bulbs (110W on driving, 100W on Ion Crystal
fog) on an '89 200 TQ.  

Great lights, particularly when compared to the OEM lights on the Q.

I've seen one post about white fogs doing better than the Ion Crystal ambers,
probably so, but for ease on the eyes and reactions from oncoming drivers I
still prefer the Ion Crystal.  The novice reaction about my "black" lights is
also interesting.

The driving lights are extremely good as well, but I honestly don't think
they're up to the larger off road types. However, I've found that they're not
really usable unless the highway is deserted. I've had cars going the
opposite direction on a four lane freeway complain about them and have
continually switch them on and off on normal roads.  Result, I always ran
with the fogs on, rarely used the driving lights - even after I tried to aim
them away from oncoming traffic.

'92 S4
86 4KQ