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Re: So what's good about FWD?

Whatever the physics proves to be, the current BTCC situation tells you what 
it's really like out on the track for the professionals.  RWD is considered the 
lowest performing option of all - FWD cars carry a weight penalty over RWD and 
AWD carries a significant penalty over both.  Just about everything else is 
regulated to uniformity, including bhp.
 Ahhh, Phil, you should go back and read Racecar Engineering Vol 6 No 2,
above statement is incorrect, FWD does not have weight penalty over RWD. 
It states Super Touring minimum weights as

FWD - 975 kg (2149 lb)
RWD - 1000 kg (2205 lb)
AWD - 1040 kg (2292 lb) changed to 1070 kg (2359 lb) in May 96

Now, as for drivetrain layout it states:

front differential - viscous coupling. this is a major difference from every
quattro road car produced, which as far as i know has an open front diff.

center diff -  viscous coupling with torque split or torsen. it says after pre-
season testing, 64:36 and 61:39  torque splits were selected. Obviously
not a torsen app here.

rear diff -  viscous coupling or plate type diff.