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Re: Several thoughts [longish]

Mann Law wrote:
>         Gonna talk about 2 subjects:  Euro lights and Awd.
Big Snip 

>    IMHO, when you make cars near identical [ie., BTCC] in
> weight, etc., the advantage Audi has is, well, obvious---it will be banned. Now how does this translate onto the street?  You must find a car
> of near weight, near hp, near suspension, etc., and THEN compare.  How
> much does an untouched 5ktq weigh and how much does an M3 / RX7tt weigh?> Answer this and you are on the right track as to 1 of the reasons a 5k> will get its ass kicked most placed against either of the above.  Now,> the 540i6 and S6 are probably closer comparisons, but, you must look to> the HP, if weight is close.  Guarantee the 540i6 has just a little> [smile] more juice than the S6.
P James rambles on with.....

 The Demember CAR(U.K) http://www.erack.com/car/ magazine has a large
article on handling (as they defined it)which resolve or start some
discussion. The biggest shock to them was the tweeked Prodrive Subaru
Impreza Turbo ProRally that came in second in the dry and "In the wet,
not even the purebred Elise is a match for Impreza tenacity." 

This bodes well for a street tweaked(not rock hard) A4T Q with 200+bhp.
An all year
car that will out drive the fabled M3 and 540i6. Speaking of the BMW's
best?, the 
540 wasn't even tested because of its nose heavy layout and loss of rack
and pinion
steering mech and the M3(euro/cdn ver) trailed the pack.  

The 10 others as quoted from CAR
11 - Jaguar XK8 - "the XK8 offers a  remarkable blend of comfort and
agility that
                   one suspect only Jaguar could of concucted."
12 - Nissan Primera SRi -
13- Porsche 911 - "The 911 feels like a good car to have a big crash in
- which
                   is just a bloody well.
14 - Nissian Skyline gt-rv
15 - BMW M3 - "It's not that the M3 is a bad car - they just can't seem
to make it
               really good.
16 - BMW 528i - "There is a impeccable balance beneath the BMW softness.
It allows you
                 tp be a real hooligan."
17 - Citroen Xantia Active -
18 - Alfa Romeo Gtv - 
19 - BMW 318ti Compact - "I felt most confident  in the Compact , but
only because is
                           was such a slow pudding."
20 - TVR Cerbera - 

 Patrick James

 "I think animal testing is a terrible idea;
 They get all nervous and give the wrong answers."