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STEADIRIC@aol.com -- Vendor Info

	The dealings I have had with Eric regarding suspension parts, a 
transmission for a 5k, 02 sensor, plug wires, IC hose, dimmer switch, 
tires, euro lights, exhaust, etc., have shown me two things:  (1) When I 
paid him for parts I got exactly what I ordered; (2) All parts were 
received earlier than the date I was told to expect them.  This was not a 
one time purchase, but in fact, probably 6 - 7 different dates.

	On one occasion that I can recall, I paged him with a problem on 
a part I had bought from a 3rd party--whom Eric referred me to.  Turned 
out, he was on a set doing his full-time job in California.  Problem was 
fixed 15 minutes later.  Don't know that I ever thanked him for taking 
the time to help.  Guess maybe I'm doing it now.