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Synthetic ATF

> From: "Meron" <phwomp@cosmoslink.net>
> Does anybody knows where to get synthetic ATF (yes synthetic)?
> I hear that Castroll is about to come out with one but have not seen it in
> stores yet.
> My personal preference is (usually) to stay away from the exotic stuff,
> read Red Line, Amsoil etc. 
> DON'T flame me!!!!!! The last sentence was not meant as criticism just my
> own personal preference.

Avi, this comments shows that you REALLY do not know *squat* about 
synthetics.  Amsoil is the oldest company in the business, having 
started just after the Korean war.  You have been railing about how 
synthetics are not necessary, and clearly did not do any homework 
before asking.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are your friends.  Just because one of your 
friends is an occasional PITA (and I qualify for that category 
myownself at regular intervals) does not mean you stop appreciateing 

I complement you on your decision to at least experiment with 
synthetic - and I assure you that the mechanic who rebuilt my 200's 
transmission did not want to put ANYthing but a synthetic in it!  
When I asked him to do so, he just pointed to a rack of Amsoil on the 
wall I hadn't seen.

So, Avi - the "EXOTICS" are not Amsoil and Redline, which are MUCH,
MUCH, MUCH better researched and thoroughly developed than the johnny-
come-latelies.  Who are these newbies????

Pennzoil - Havoline - Quaker State - Castrol, to name a few.  ALL of 
these products are newbies on the market!!!!!!  I call a newer, less-
tested product with a shorter track record a good candidate to be 
called "Exotic".  If they're cheap and the ones with a longer track 
record are more expensive, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

If I'm going to trust a $36K car to a synthetic, I want the longest 
development and the most research behind that fluid I can get.  This 
leaves you three NON-exotics:

Amsoil - Redline - Mobil 1.

There's your choice.

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