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RE: 97 A4Q Specifications

>Is your A4 the 2.8 or 1.8T?
I've got the 2.8.

>After speaking with Dan Masi, he and I run at the exact same oil temp. 
That is >between 225 and 250 degrees F.  But, I spoke with the service 
manager at >Reeves Imports up in Tampa, FL and he said it should run 
between 80 and >120 degrees Celsius (176 deg. F. to 248 deg F.)
If that's right I guess I'm O.K.  But I would prefer that it run a bit 

>Also, since Joe Hoppen's shop is right down the street from me (Sarasota,
>FL) I stopped in and asked him.  He said that Audi's 2.8 V6 runs hot, and
>that the oil temp should run between 80 and 125 degrees Celsius.
Mine doesn't.  I guess I'll talk to my local service department and see 
what they say, although I'm sure they will say everything is fine.

>Oh, and by the way, to everyone out there, you should see Mr. Hoppen's 
I'd like to stop in.  I lived for three years in Sarasota and my fiancee 
still lives there.  I visit quite often.  Where exactly is his shop (i.e.