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Re: Discussion of recent posts

 >the above is my point and again every case is different what I described
 >above is generally correct but exceptions do exists!!!
>I sez:
>And we must be that exception...Must be a PNW thing...
Ain't that the truth!!!
 Bruce, years ago I did this "watt" thing on two type of lights a quad
setup and a 7" round set up, I went as high as 150 watt (during the days
that each bulb was $30) and also in three sets of Bosch driving lights and
one set of Hellas. Std. bulbs were 55/60 watt.
THERE WAS VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!! (shouting again) this same
experience was repeated by some of my friends.
Granted Euro might be diffrent..... don't know, but with the ones that I
tested and a few others, no improvement!! sigh,grin,laugh,
Did I convince you yet, if not (actually I am sure not!), try it and let me
Thanks for your reply,
Avi meron
86 5Kcstq