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Grand Prix Schedule & Coy's

Someone just sent me this - I know some will be interested:

 Mar  9   Australian      Melbourne
 Mar 30   Brazilian       Interlagos
 Apr 13   Argentinian     B Aires
 Apr 27   San Marino      Imola
 May 11   Monaco          M Carlo
 May 25   Spanish         Barcelona
 Jun 15   Canadian        Montreal
 Jun 29   French          M Cours
 Jul 13   British         Silv'stone
 Jul 27   German          Hock'heim
 Aug 10   Hungarian       Budapest
 Aug 24   Belgian         Spa
 Sep  7   Italian         Monza
 Sep 21   Austrian        Zeltwig
 Sep 28   Luxembourg      Luxembourg
 Oct 12   Japanese        Suzuka
 Oct 26   Portuguese      Estoril

It therefore looks like the Coy's event at Silverstone will be on the 1-3 
August. We're planning to take the same amount of space, but use a smaller 
marquee - perhaps exhibiting three cars instead of nine.  We'll also be trying 
to get infield passes for Club members to bring their cars in (ur-quattros 
only) and we might have a mechanical display of some sort.  Historic 
Motorsport will probably be alongside, as last year, and we'll try and persuade 
Audi to play a greater role than last year. 
Anyway, for enthusiasts planning a trip to Europe, that looks like the date to 
aim at.  Silverstone is in the Midlands, about 70 miles north of London Bridge. 
The nearest airport is Birmingham, though the East Midlands and even Heathrow 
are only 20 miles further.

Now, if anyone has the Touring Car schedules ... 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club