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Re: Joys of rear engines... was So what's good about FWD?

Hi Jason,

Much, if not most of what you said is pretty much right on target.  However:

> As for the Corvair, Nadar didnt kill it... it was a crappy swing axle
> design!!! The beetle had the swing axle in the early days, but 36hp
> doesnt make anything dangerous! Add a 6cyl turbo to a swing axle, and
> you'll have all the excitement you need. 

Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart begs to differ as to what killed the corvair.

While you are correct about the early corvairs, they only used the swing axle 
from '60 through 64.  From'65 through the end, they used a completely 
independent rear end, a design very similar to that introduced in the Corvette 
Stingray of '63.

The swing-axle design was a handful alright, but the corvair was no more and no 
less evil handling than the 36hp VW.  Either would dump you on your head if 
pushed too hard in a corner, BTDT in each.  The fact is that Nader's book and 
the sensational publicity it, and the congressional hearings where he testified 
in support of his allegations, were the principal factor in the death of an 
otherwise good but undistinguished little car.

Obligatory List-relevance - I just returned from Aiken SC following a lengthy 
and unplanned stay to aid my mother deal with the the prolonged death of my 
step-father.  Since I had to leave here (outside Annapolis, MD) on New Year's 
day, and snow was in the forecast, and I had to bring my mother back with me, I 
took the Syncro (aka 4KQW)...

Happy New Year, you all!

Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart