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Re: 36 hours with our A4 (we got it!) (semi-LONG)

On Jan 19,  9:25pm, jafo@tummy.com wrote:
> Subject: 36 hours with our A4 (we got it!) (semi-LONG)
> 36 hours (and 610 miles) with our new A4...
> Last Friday we were finally able to fly out to Chicago to pick up
> our car.


>   Hits:
>     The auto up-down windows are great!

Yeah.  They're a bit of a pain if you only want the window to
move a little bit, though.  Takes practice!  The trick is to
tap the button quickly, then tap it again.  [just an aside...]

>   Misses:
>     The digital climate control is great,

Please, don't encourage them.    :-)

>     What they hell are they doing packaging an in-dash tape deck
> in a $660 upgrade stereo in this day and age?  Good CD decks can
> be had for $300.

So can good CD changers!  I think most people would rather have
the flexibility offered by a CD changer / cassette head unit
combination.  CDs are not a great media to be fumbling with
behind the wheel, and there's a lot of source material that isn't
available in CD (home recordings, books-on-tape, etc.)  I prefer
this combination.

> We all know the cup-holders are nearly useless.  I ended up
> spilling  Snapple while trying to see if it would fit or not...

Yep.  But, try one of those Nissan stainless-steel-vacuum thermoses.
The 12-oz tapered tumber.  It fits perfectly, the rubberized bottom
keeps it from coming out of the holder, and it has a flip-top so
that if it *does* come loose (like in a panic-brake), you're not
gonna get Ovaltine all over your interior.  It's like the A4
holders were designed specifically for this travel cup!

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q