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Re: Euro data, and baseline observations

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<< Interesting issue.  How sharp were the top-of-beam cutoffs?
 I'm a bit cramped for time today, what with a high workload and a parents' 
 evening at school, but as soon as it's properly dark tomorrow I'll put a 
 lightmeter on the top cutoff and see if I can produce a graph of just how
 the Euros are.
 As a rough benchmark, at ten feet back from the white wall about 1/6th of a 
 turn produces detectable movement in the beam position.  The whole
 from centre of beam to nothing worth looking at is three or four inches.
 I suspect that your upper cutoffs are/were much less sharp, and that
 illumination crossing your field of view reduced overall visual contrast.
 effect was brighter, but the information content was less.  
 -- >>
A great post, Phil....  I think we really need more of the "facts" tested and
posted here, with empirical testing and repeatable testing methods.  I have
asked Eric to post his "meter test" results as well.    I have a 5ktq with
the euro conversions here for a month for tweeks, and plan on posting the
various lighting mods I was given the authority to exercise.  I drove it back
from Ft Wayne IN last nite, and can offer the following baseline obervations:
*  Car: '87 5ktqRS2, IA stage II, Sachs suspension
*  These lights are better than US lites
*  The front quadrant lite is excessive on low beam, the contrast and
brightness I found distracting.  The beam pattern on these lights "appears"
to be identical (more to follow here, I will measure angles and post, phil)
*  This car has H4 55/65w and H3 100w baseline, all highs on concurrently
*  The high beam was the biggest contrast of the euro vs US lites, tho not a
great match for aux beams, some shadowing in the middle front quadrant
appeared, could be an alignment problem, but thumbwheels didn't affect it.
*  Passing trucks with the euro upbeam into their mirror, response might
caution the advisability of higher wattage bulbs in lows>  REREAD THIS.  I
have found this to be true for years, better light in the ditch is hardly
*  I found these lights to be no better than other euro setups I've run,
installed and/or tested.  The front quadrant lite reflectance offset any
"down the side" gains in lighting, tho signs did become more obvious on the
*  I still don't see the advantage of euros over the z-beams.  If one is to
conclude euros are better, I would certainly like to see the comparo after
z-beam ride.
*  I live down the street from J.C. Whitney, and will plop some "big" watts
in them, and try to tune them correctly, however, the lumen stack in the
immediate front quadrant is not in favor, but will post the results good and
*  I plan to install a separate switch for the inside highs, so "lower"
reflectance highs are "available"...  
*  No doubt, they are good, these euros, but I can offer this conclusion:  As
good as the euros are over the US lites, that same jump would apply to proper
execution of dedicated lenses.
* Acceptable compromise, euros.  Anyone who puchased them here in the US,
needn't justify.  For the Metrix $, they are a good step in the right
direction for lighting, though stopping well short of the "superior" or
"best" conclusions.  
*  I will post the various tweek successes to the list as always....

I have some old "Cibie Light seminar" data from ProRally School somewhere
that might help us establish light "zones" and patterns.

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